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Dieter Balzer has developed his own modular system that allows for multiple combinations of identical elements. In this system, the elements relate to one another in such a way that any modification to either an element or a relationship entails a modification to all other elements or relationships. Thus, Balzer uses this strictly organized order in a way that does not leave single elements in isolation but always places them in necessary relation to others.


Ultimately, the central element of Balzer’s work is the moment when order has not reached its purest form or when order itself starts to topple.

The logic, clarity and objectivity of his system demand an ongoing investigation, while the open grids of his structures interact with the wall.

Balzer lives and works in Berlin. His work has been featured in many museums in Europe and in international exhibitions.

Dieter Balzer
Dieter Balzer
Dieter Balzer
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