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Jonathan Leach - Every Last Moment

Ruth Pastine - Light as Air

Knopp Ferro - Levitating Composition

Mariana Copello, Intangible Space

Mokha Laget, Visual Scores

Mario Reis, Nature Watercolors

John Clement, The Absurdity of Life

Don Glentzer, Traces
Myke Venable, Time-Lines
Aldo Chaparro in Action, Literal Magazine 
My New Channel

My New Channel

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Installing a John Clement

David Simpson - Interference and Paintings From The 80'S

John Clement, Eye of the Storm

Myke Venable, Lift Off

Mac Whitney, Paintings Exhibition

Mohka Laget, Capriccio
Myke Venable, Entangled : A Process of Painting
Mac Whitney Interview
Jonathan Leach, Literal Magazine Interview
Perla Krauze, El Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City
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