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Dieter Balzer, Dirk Rathke, Josef Adam Moser:
2 Berliner + 1 Wiener

2/11/ - 3/28/2015

Gallery Sonja Roesch is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent work by Dieter Balzer, Dirk Rathke, and Josef Adam Moser, featuring two artists from Berlin, and one from Vienna. These three artists use geometric shapes, sculptural form, color, and light as the basis for their work. The exhibition opened on January 31st and will close on March 28, 2015.


Balzer (Berlin) has developed his own modular system that allows for multiple combinations of identical elements. In this system, the elements relate to one another in such a way that any modification to either an element or a relationship entails a modification to all other elements or relationships. Thus, these elements are never in isolation but always relate to the others. Ultimately, the central element of Balzer’s work is the moment when order has not reached its purest form or when order itself starts to topple. Dirk Rathke (Berlin) creates objects with painterly materials – wooden frames, canvas and paint – that go beyond the scope of the genre. Rathke has developed fresh approaches to painting in the geometric-abstract tradition, emphasizing the relationship between line, area, space and movement. Josef Adam Moser (Vienna) builds from simple structures that cancel the boundaries between painting and sculpture. In his works he deals primarily with the relationship between space, color, light, and reflection. His wall objects consist of several elements arranged in units of elemental forms.


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