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Aldo Chaparro is best known for expanding the boundaries between art and other disciplines such as music, industrial design, editing and writing. His work takes inspiration from song lyrics and the pop culture that surrounds contemporary music and art rock. Through the use of different materials, Chaparro remixes and edits references from the media world pushing aside the notions of past and future to offer a present where simultaneousness co-exists. 


Aldo Chaparro was born in 1965 in Lima, Peru and has lived and worked in Mexico for many years, both in the cities of Monterrey and Mexico D.F., where he currently resides. His work is a direct reflection of the hip, contemporary art culture found in Mexico City today. He has exhibited in Argentina, Colombia, Dubai, Europe, Mexico, Peru and the United States. This is his first show in Houston. His work is represented in numerous private art collections both in the U.S. and internationally. Chaparro is also the publisher of Celeste Magazine and editorial director of Celeste Editorial Group, one of the most influential contemporary culture publishers in Latin America.

Aldo Chaparro
Aldo Chaparro
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