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Madeleine Dietz:
What Remains

11/9 - 12/28/2013

“Earth you are, and to earth you shall return”.  Earth is the matter from which living things grow, the material for building and dwelling, the ultimate state to which all living things return. This carrier of life, the material from which Biblical man was formed, serves as Dietz primary material exploration in her work. Dietz’s work explores earth in its various states, including constructed forms, and cracked surfaces. Dietz combines earth with metal, creating a tension between these ancient elements formed into archetypal shapes.


Madeleine Dietz’s work marks the tension between the opposites: nature and culture, chaos and order, development and perishing, open and closed, earth and metal. Shapes of steel open and close, revealing earth, and reflecting on these tensions present in life and nature.


Madeleine Dietz was born in Mannheim, Germany and studied at the local art school from 1970 to 1974. She lives and works in Rheinland Pfalz in Germany. In 2012, Dietz exhibited in Galerie Georg Nothelfer (Berlin), Museum der Minoriten (Graz), and Galerie C. Grimaldis (Baltimore, Maryland), among others. Her work is in many museums and private collections, including the Kunsthalle Mannheim, Wilhelm - Hack Museum (Ludwigshafen), Museum of Contemporary Art (Neubrandenburg), and the New Museum (Weserburg).



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