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Myke Venable

Saturday January, 21, 2017; 5 - 7 pm


In his second solo exhibition at Gallery Sonja Roesch, Myke Venable continues to explore the simplicity of shape, form, and color as the main focus of his work within a Reductive process. He has broadened his approach through the use of Universal Geometry, wood, and line within the overall presentation of the work. The painted wood formations are unique and intriguing to the eye and are further enhanced through direct, in-person observation. An interesting, playful interaction between the geometric formations and the pinstripes of color enriches the overall composition of the work. Some of which are extremely subtle with only solid colors covering the surface of the formations, while others engage the viewer more intensely with contrasting color. Over all, the geometric formations play a mirror and power communicator of one’s true self.

On View through March 11, 2017

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