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Myke Venable and Jonathan Leach:
Super Fresh

11/22/2014 - 1/17/2015

Gallery Sonja Roesch is pleased to announce Super Fresh, an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by Houston-based artists Jonathan Leach and Myke Venable. Both artists work with bold colors and forms to create dynamic geometric compositions. The exhibition will open November 22, 2014 and runs through January 17, 2015.


Dancing on the line between depiction and abstraction, Leach’s work alters architectural elements recalling icons, office buildings, billboards, swathes of color, and bisecting lines. The energetic friction of new development and colors creates tension within the works and evoke vigorous exploration and movement.


Myke Venable’s work deals with clusters of acrylic painted canvases or metal. Venable bases his work on color and simplicity of form, with some pieces juxtaposing complimentary colors, others exploring the nuances of monochrome. The individual canvas, tin or copper pieces hang on a diagonal, creating lively groups that resemble Tetris blocks poised in mid-air or molecules in the act of splitting or combining.


Jonathan Leach and Myke Venable live and work now in Houston, TX. Venable was born in Port Arthur, TX and received his BFA and MA from Lamar University. His work is in several private and corporate collections in the US and in Europe. Leach was born in Lexington, KY in 1977. He earned his BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and has since been exhibiting his work throughout the United States. His work is also in the collections of NRG Texas, Hess Co., the Bank of Montreal, Hobby Airport of Houston, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.


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