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In loving memory, *1959 - +2020.

Soledad Arias’ work deals with the material and immaterial aspects and the impact of words. The white neon signs are like ghosts of lingering thoughts that seem to go unspoken. The phrases are pointed statements that reference an indirect interaction with the viewers, either commenting on an emotional reaction or a physical presence.


Her works range from light, prints and video and respond to a number of parallel narratives.White lies, constructed with white neon tubing and written out in cursive, hovers on the wall surrounded by a white halo while playing with the actual meaning of the words – a white, or trivial, lie that someone tells another to avoid hurting their feelings –positioning the viewer in a awkward zone of both comfort and anxiety. Closed-captioned lullaby evokes the memory of a familiar sound and acts as a link between past and present. 


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Soledad Arias, lives and works in New York City. Arias attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC where she completed her BFA and MFA. Her work has been exhibited at PS1 Contemporary Art Center, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Jersey City Museum; Socrates Sculpture Park; Alejandra von Hartz gallery, articule gallery, Montreal, Canada; El Museo del Barrio, New York City; The Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC; and the Bronx Museum of the Arts, among others.



Soledad Arias
Soledad Arias
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