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Ruth Pastine

9/9/2017 - 10/28/2017

Gallery Sonja Roesch is pleased to announce Mirroring, an exhibition of selected paintings and pastel works on paper by California-based artist Ruth Pastine. This is the artist’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition will open September 9, 2017 with an artist talk at 6 PM, and will run through October 28, 2017.


Ruth Pastine’s minimalist works address phenomena of color perception and color relativity, and emphasize the viewer’s encounter with the painting. Pastine's paintings pulse with an emotional resonance and paradoxically draw from core structural foundations. The seemingly contradictory dialectic of opposition between the visceral and methodological, sensual and ethereal, materiality of surface and immateriality of phenomena, light and space, and the finite and the infinite, are core fundamental underpinnings of the artist’s work and are present as a continuous thread throughout her artistic trajectory.


Pastine continues to evolve pure abstraction and the concept of Minimalist theory. Through her work, color and light are reduced to their most elemental form; working with oil on canvas thousands of small brush strokes appear visually seamless, producing an image that is both objective and dematerialized.  Challenging our preconceptions, Pastine explores the subtle character and nuance of color. Pastine’s manipulation of color, light, and matter questions the perceptual experience and redefines the visual field. 

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