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Gilbert Hsiao:

3/13 - 4/26/2013

Gallery Sonja Roesch is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of recent work by Gilbert Hsiao, featuring perceptually-based abstraction painted on shaped wooden panels. The exhibition will open March 13 and close on April 26, 2014.


Hsiao has been exploring the mechanics of visual perception since the 1980s. In his work, Hsiao presents an electrifying and delightful investigation of the optical effects of converging lines. Hsiao’s canvases appear to move across static space, The viewer perceives oscillation through the illusion of a continuous wave produced by the physiological experience of space and movement. Meticulously layered stripes in tightly woven structures create a musical rhythm and repose.


By implements irregularly shaped supports as a means of organizing pictorial space, creating a continuously moving surface. Metallic and fluorescent paint is applied with a vintage compressorless sprayer, creating a textured surface that makes these paintings an absorbing experience whether viewed close up or from a distance.


At the recent exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, ‘Unlikely Iterations of the Abstract’ curated by Bill Arning, Hsiao used records, turntables, UV light, florescent paint, and sound to create an installation. His installation invited viewers to interact with the piece by stacking and manipulating the records.


Gilbert Hsiao currently lives and works in Jersey City, NJ and Olivebridge, NY. He studied Art History at Columbia University before receiving his BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. His work has been exhibited internationally, most recently in Australia, the Netherlands, and Germany, as well as in the United States. Hsiao is represented in a number of private, corporate and public collections.



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