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Gallery Sonja Roesch presents Finding Light, a group exhibition featuring works by Aldo Chaparro, Jonathan Leach, Soledad Arias, August Muth.


Aldo Chaparro expanding the boundaries between art and other disciplines, moves aside the notions of past and future to offer a present where simultaneousness co- exists.


Jonathan Leach’s work dances the line between depiction and abstraction, altering architectural elements. The energetic friction of a new development creates tension within the work and evokes vigorous exploration and movement.


Soledad Arias’s work depicts the tangible and intangible impact of words through pointed phrases that reference an indirect interaction with the viewer on either an emotional reaction or physical presence.


August Muth exemplifies the experience that light is the faithful archivist of time. Working with light he is able to record patterns of photons and electromagnetic waves that manifest into enduring forms of material light. His holograms depict simple geometric forms that exist within an unconfined space.

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