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Madeleine Dietz:
Earth and Light

3/3 - 4/30/2006

“Earth you are, and to earth you shall return”. The understanding that the earth is the matter from which living things grow, as the material for building and dwelling, just as well as a material that carries signs of decay and the ultimate return of all living things into its origin.


Light is the positive power for all life as well as the cause for the metamorphosis of matter.


Madeleine Dietz’s work is always marked by the tension between the opposites: protection and menace, development and perishing, and life and death.


Madeleine Dietz lives and works in Rheinland Pfalz in Germany and her work is in many museums and private collections.



Opening Friday, 3. March 2006, 6 – 8 p.m.

Exhibition closes 30. April 2006



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