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Bold shapes and lyrical lines have long formed rhythmic relationships in Don Glentzer’s work, producing an elegant, minimal aesthetic.

His early constructions were composed on a light table and printed as photographs. A fascination with Benesh Movement Notation, a written language of marks and symbols for recording dance steps, led him to create abstract works on paper utilizing acrylic, pastel, bass wood, gaffer tape, graphite and ink. With the bass wood elements, in particular, he began to explore more dimensionality. Over time, the work evolved to include sculpture rendered in bass wood and aluminum.


Don Glentzer was born in Franklin, Indiana and raised mostly in Texas. He founded Don Glentzer Photography in 1981 in Houston and worked nearly three decades as a commercial and editorial photographer. Influenced by renowned graphic designers with whom he often collaborated, he developed the aesthetic that would inform and inspire his fine art. His photographs have been exhibited widely and are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and The Witliff Collections at Texas State University. 

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