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Ernesto Leon was born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives in Houston, TX. He attended the School of Fine and Applied Arts in Madrid, Spain, the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and the New York University (NYU) , USA. 

Ernesto's current research focuses on the problem of space, light, materials and philosophical concepts applied to plastic creation. He counts with an extensive experience across mediums and has ventured into drawing, textiles, photography, sculpture, painting, and video sound. Ernesto León has more than a hundred collective exhibitions and more than 30 individual exhibitions with extensive information on articles about his work that range from articles, books, video and audio programs. 

Ernesto Leon is conducting visual research at PAC Art Residence in Houston, TX, while also pursuing studies in philosophy for the past 4 years under the guidance of Mexican philosopher Cavallazzi (PhD). He has participated in international biennials such as the Sao Pablo Biennial, and his work is in such important collections as the Metropolitan Museum of NY, Bellas Artes Museum in Caracas, Venezuela, Gaviria collections among others. 

Some of his past Exhibitions: 

  • 2020 Museo de Arte Moderno de Panamá 

  • 2019 Forma Curated, Houston TX 

  • 2018 Museo Memoria y Tolerancia CDMX, México 

  • 2019 Expo HCC. Houston, TX USA 

  • 2018 Seeing Harvey Personal Stores, Forma Curated. Houston, TX USA 

  • 2018 FotoFest 2018. Station Museum Houston, TX USA 

  • 2016 Five Points Museum of Contemporary Art 

  • 2016 Vision of Houston (China - Beijing) Museum of Modern Art 

  • 2016 Biennial del Sur, Caracas Venezuela 

  • 2010 Museo Rufino Tamayo México, CDMX 

  • 2012 Station Museum. Houston, TX. USA 

  • 2011 MBA Museum Fine Art. Caracas, Venezuela 

  • 2005 Red Bud Gallery, Houston, TX. USA 

  • 2001 Expo Museo de las Américas OAS, Washington DC, USA 

  • 1996 Acquavella Gallery. Caracas Venezuela 

  • 1992 Sala Mendoza, Caracas Venezuela 

  • 1991 Grupo Lee. Caracas, Venezuela 

  • 1991 Galería Astrid Paredes. Caracas Venezuela 

  • 1991 Galería Alonso Garcés. Bogotá Colombia 

  • 1987 Museo Francisco Narváez. Tapices. Porlamar Venezuela 

  • 1987 Símbolos de Identidad MACCSI. Caracas Venezuela 

  • 1987 Bienal de Trujillo, Perú. 

  • 1986 Fin del Hambre en el mundo. 

  • 1986 Galería de Arte Nacional GAN. Caracas Venezuela 

  • 1986 Centro Bellas Artes de Maracaibo. Edo Zulia Venezuela 

  • 1985 Bienal de Sao Pablo Brasil. 

  • 1985 Centro Cultural CELADE Buenos Aires Argentina 

  • 1984 The Center for Inter-American Relations, NYC NY USA 

  • 1984 EUR. Roma Italia 

  • 1984 Sala Mendoza, Caracas Venezuela. 

  • 1982 Picture Power NYU. NY. NY USA 

  • 1981 Venezuelan art Today. Center for Inter- American Relation NY 

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