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Knopp Ferro was born in 1953 in Cologne, Germany, and currently lives and works in Inning, near Munich, Germany. Ferro first began his liaisons into art during the Fluxus era in Cologne in the 1970s, a time of great experimentation in art and performance. It was here that his interest in kinetic sculpture was first sparked, and using his knowledge of metalworking in combination with his inventive spirit and interest in movement, he began to develop his signature mobile pieces. Ferro brings an experimental attitude into all of his work as he plays with line and composition in three-dimensional space.

Knopp Ferro's work is traded globally, and has been featured in such notable galleries and art fairs around the world as Art Basel in Switzerland and Miami Beach, Gallery Denise Rene in Paris, Dan Galeria in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to name a few.

Knopp Ferro
Knopp Ferro
Knopp Ferro
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