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Mariana Copello - Intangible Space

March 18th - May 13th, 2023

Houston, Texas – The Gallery Sonja Roesch is pleased to welcome Mariana Copello for her solo show ‘Intangible Space’ from March 18 - May 13, 2023. Mariana Copello continuously works the rectilinear line both in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional way, creating intangible, mobile and ephemeral spaces. Color and color-pauses are presented cyclically.


The color returns in a diagonal line inserting itself in the work in a very subtle way creating dynamism, rhythm and movement. With the abandonment of color she delves deeper into the form, in the interaction with light to create virtual volumes.


There are dualities combined to develop each piece. She investigates the two and the three-dimensional space, the small and large format, the academic and intuitive process, the industrial and the handmade, the tangible and intangible.


The concept of intangible refers to metaphorical experiences, to the emotion that arises from the artwork. The viewer is invited to rediscover Beauty in the simplest forms that are present in a sensitive way.


Mariana Copello is a Houston-based artist who was born and raised in Venezuela. She holds a degree in Communications. Copello worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia and founded an art school for children in Venezuela. She completed the Advanced Studio BLOCK program (2018-2019) at the MFAH, Glassell Studio with a certificate in Sculpture in 2019. Her work was selected by the MFAH to be part of the 2019 Latin American Experience. Copello has developed sculptures, installations and works on paper, pursuing her exploration of line, color and space. Her pieces are represented in collections in Latin America, Europe, Australia and the USA. In the City of Houston her sculptures have reached public spaces with monumental formats. 

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