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Myke Venable: 
Clustered Paintings

6/4 - 7/30/2011

Myke Venable’s current work deals with clusters of acrylic painted canvases. Venable combines multiple canvases, creating opportunity for each composition to produce a unique energy. Reduced down to minimal materials, Venable is able to explore infinite possibilities.Some pieces juxtapose complimentary colors, others explore the nuances of monochrome.For example, Alizarin Crimson/Red/Rose playfully describes the poetic qualities of red. The intense color saturation results from numerous layers of paint. The individual canvas hang on a diagonal creating a much more dynamic visual display. These simple yet lively groups resemble Tetris blocks poised in mid-air or molecules in the act of splitting or combining. Venable takes the basic building blocks of painting, shape and color, and rearranges them into surprising and delightful combinations.


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