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John Clement:

9/13 - 11/1/2008

The Gallery Sonja Roesch is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring work by New York City-based artist John Clement. The exhibition will open September 13th and close on November 1st, 2008.


Starting with a coil of spiraling bent steel pipes, Clement diligently, but playfully, cuts, bends, joins, and welds the pipes into different interweaving and interconnecting arrangements. At once an ordinary industrial material is transformed into a whimsical and monumental line drawing in space. The curved form is classical and, though made out of a man-made material, organic. Gravity defying in appearance, these sculptures are grounded both physically and traditionally.


Referencing time and space, John Clement's sculptures are painted in vibrant, primary colors creating a child-like playfulness in a world filled with imagination, hope and potential. Despite the large scale and solidity of his medium, Clement's work celebrates the joy of movement and the rediscovery of space while altering our view of the surrounding landscape.


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