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Regine Schumann:

4/2 - 5/28/2011

The Gallery Sonja Roesch is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring work by internationally known artist Regine Schumann. The exhibition will open Saturday, April 2, 2011, from 5-7pm, and is open by regular hours until May 7, and from May 8 – 28, by appointment.


Regine Schumann explores the fundamentals of color, light, and form through her objects. She uses black light, fluorescent Plexiglas and plastic light cords to transform space into a “black box” filled with a glowing constellation of her work. Even in natural light, Schumann’s objects radiate an intense fluorescent hue.Her Plexiglas boxes consist of simple geometric forms. As the viewer moves around these objects, the constructed planes of different colored fluorescent Plexiglas begin to mix and create a visual play between reflections and overlays. She contrasts the stark construction of these boxes with soft, organically shaped crochet forms. Through the use of fluorescent color, these objects entertain both light and form emanating a strong material presence. They envelope the viewer in a sensory experience, shifting the perception of the space.



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