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Nicholas Bodde
Color Rhythms
06/11 - 08/27/2016

Nicholas Bodde’s concept is in the tradition of European constructivism as

well as Color Field Painting. He uses lacquered aluminum to create hardedge

abstractions that are beautiful in their simplicity and in their richness of


Contrary to the outer geometric dimensions of his paintings related to

constructivism, the color choice is done intuitively. Bodde devotes himself to

color, channeled into systematically constructed parallel lines and fields that

spread across the polychrome picture base. He chooses strong contrasts and


Nicholas Bodde (b. 1962 in New York) received his formal education from the

University of Arts in Bremen (1989) and has been exhibited in numerous solo

and group shows across the world, including venues such as the Yeh Gallery

in Seoul, Planat Art Gallery in Capetown, South Africa, Galerie Lahumiere in

Paris and ArtBasel, several galleries in Germany, and the Mardi Museum,

Dallas, Texas, among many others. He currently lives and works in Bremen,


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