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Gilbert Hsaio, Raimund Girke, David Simpson, Myke Venable, Ruth Pastine, Mac Whitney, Hills Snyder, Alma Tischler, Mario Reis, Dirk Rathke:
Black and White

5/3 - 6/28/2014

Gallery Sonja Roesch is pleased to announce Black and White, a group exhibition with ten artists exploring the different approaches to reductive art. The exhibition will open May 3rd and close on June 28th, 2014.


Through using different materials and procedures, these ten artists demonstrate a variety of approaches towards reductive and concept based art using only the colors black and white. The pieces are either painted, constructed, or using found materials and even though they are reduced to the essentials, the results vary drastically.


Ruth Pastine uses tiny brush strokes with oil paint to build up the layers of the painting in an almost meditative, obsessive way to achieve a glowing luminosity. Hills Snyder’s conceptual site-specific placed pieces are constructed with colored Plexiglas that simply use the outline or shape to communicate a reference to the viewer. Mario Reis submerges the canvas into the river, which then collects the natural pigments and sediments and the movement from the river. Gilbert Hsaio’s wall installation creates an optical illusion from only two colors: black and white.

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