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Alma Tischler

4/30 - 6/12/2005

Alma Tischler’s latest show ‘Orange’ at the Gallery Sonja Roesch consists of painted canvases, boards and wall-mounted spheres. These are tiny, monochromatic microcosms. Some orbs are attired in sober earth colors, others may sport Day-Glo orange, or polished gold. Here, Tischler helps us to admire the unadorned subtlety of their form. Although, technically speaking, as 3D solids they could be described as ‘sculptures’ she has also made them behave like abstract paintings. One of the disarming features of Tischler’s work is the almost perfect symmetry and balance of shapes and colors. Moreover, by painting about the process of representation itself, Tischler enables similarities and differences to invoke, or to defy one other.


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