Ruth Pastine’s nearly monochrome color field paintings invest in the perceptual experience of color, light and temperature. Suspending preconceived notions about visual experience, she investigates the mercurial shift of warm and cool color identities. The complementary oil colors are worked together on the canvas inch-by-inch, wet into wet, layer upon layer, with a 2-inch brush, an essential part of the rigorous process and seamless resolve of the meticulous surfaces. Inspired by distinct and contrasting light conditions, Pastine creates an inner luminosity, which expands beyond the canvas.

Matter of Light
Ruth Pastine
Ruth Pastine "Misbehaving"
Ruth Pastine


Group Show
Simply Red
Jan 26 - Mar 30, 2019
Group Show
“Is it… Monochrome? Colorfield? Or an Object?” 2015
2 Person Show
"Convergence", 2014
Group Show
"Black and White", 2014
Solo Show
"Present Fugitive", 2010
Solo Show
"Ever Present", 2008
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Gallery Sonja Roesch  |  2309 Caroline Street, Houston, TX 77004  |  713.659.5424 | Open Friday - Saturday 1-5pm

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Ruth Pastine

"Conquer Surrender (Green Blue)", Secondary Color Series, 2011 Oil on canvas 32 x 32 inches